"Look for three things in a person-intelligence, energy & integrity. If they don't have the last one, don't even bother worth the first two"....Buffet

Our Team

Rick Abbot
Rick came to recruitment profession after a 20 year career in Medical Communications. Having been placed twice by Orbital, it was natural for us to ask Rick to join us because of his honesty, integrity, passion and deep knowledge of both the promotional education and CME verticals. On the weekends, Rick enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid but somewhat unsuccessful fisherman.


Bill Cebak
Bill started in search profession immediately following a career as a Naval Officer. Bill went through a rigorous training apprenticeship under the tutelage of Garry Bragg and Tony Byrne. He has been a member of The Pinnacle Society, the highest billing headhunters in the country as well as a highly sought after international speaker and trainer of search firms and recruiters. His most interesting placement, closing a deal inside the border patrol van complete with machine-gun armed officers on the Russian border with Finland.


Jo Gilbert
Jo focuses on primary candidate research and development as well as market research. She has over 5 years of practical experience in using Boolean logic to deep source information otherwise unavailable on candidates and companies.. Based in India, she gives us the opportunity to be working literally around the clock.


Andy Laing
Andy came to the recruitment profession as a former Naval Aviator, F-14 RIO call sign "Clubber". Andy's tactical air experience makes him supremely qualified to lead our Aerospace, Aviation and Defense Practice. Immediately following his nine year career as a naval Officer, Andy embarked upon an extremely successful 24 year career in the financial services industry. He developed and cultivated long term relationships on the retail and wholesale sides of the business. He possesses a highly refined professional selling skill set and his unyielding focus on the client's long term needs and objectives makes him ideally suited to provide the highest level of relationally driven customer service. We're proud to have Andy on our team.


Bill Sanzo
Presently, I am a Director of Candidate Development at Orbital Search Group. Formerly, a veteran teacher of 35 years, and co-vice principal of an elementary school in Connecticut. I am a true dog lover, and hold the MCSPCA close to my heart, as well as DAV, Disabled American Vets. My personal mantra is if it's worth doing...do it right.


Danielle Tanner
Danielle is our database administrator - she conducts market research on the companies and vertical markets of our practice areas. She also handles in-depth sourcing and identification of passive candidates, primary candidate research and candidate biographies. Dani formerly owned her a medical transcription business. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her daughter.


Dani Tufano
I’ve lived in South Florida my whole life, and my passion is PEOPLE! I graduated Southeastern University with a Bachelor’s in Practical Theology. Recruiting for me has always been about building relationships with people. I love being able to talk to people every day, and help them do what they love! I am very good at seeing the potential in others and bringing the best out of them! I know God has great things for me in my life and I hope that you can be a part of them!


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