"Finding the needle in the haystack is relatively easy. Finding the right needle in a stack of needles, well, that's what we do..."

Recruiting Strategy

Organic Growth Strategy
This is the traditional methodology to grow your business, one qualified person at a time. It’s so easy to find people today but the real tasking occurs after the identification of a potential candidate. We are uniquely qualified to save you time and money during the critical stages of recruitment, candidate buy-in, interviewing and negotiation, resignation, counter-offer defense and actually getting candidates to show up for work.
Acquisitive Growth Strategy
Many times we have been engaged to provide competitive information and introductions for Strategic Alliances and/or Acquisitions. Although we are not an M&A firm, we can provide many of the same services and with greater effectiveness for a fraction of the cost. We offer a tremendous advantage over other consultancies because our market knowledge is so much deeper, and we have the unique ability of providing information on corporate cultures, operating environments and stability of key employees.
Fragmentary Growth
Fragmentary growth is a perfect option when you are in a position to add significantly to your organization but do not want to pay an owner an extravagant amount of good will – which they always want. Rather than paying some multiple of EBITDA for a competitive brand, we can help you carve out the strategic assets of that company, the real value of that group without any of its debt or management headaches. Your only investment is the search fee for each of the team members we recruit out and place into your company. Without having to assimilate an entirely different corporate culture, your new key staff members are free to make an impact and become billable on day one.
Predictive Recruitment
Have you ever felt as though you have fallen behind the recruiting power curve? With so many resources available it is easier than ever to find warm bodies. You might even be able to find really qualified passive candidates. But, finding them and knowing how to motivate them to meet with you are not the same thing. Managing that process, determining the subtleties and real motivations aren’t elements of LinkedIn, Monster, JobFox or any other electronic site. Too many companies engage a headhunter only after they have secured a new piece of business and with the average search talking 4-6 weeks, it becomes a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Because the market is so competitive for the best talent, it is important to have a plan in place at least one quarter in advance . With a Predictive Recruitment plan,we can actually attract candidates and manage their expectations with regards to a start date. It is not uncommon for us to manage a delayed start date between 30-60 days. We can look at areas of prospective need and time the search to be in alignment with the financial resources and client requirements of your company.

Orbital Search