"Hire people brighter than yourself,
then get out of their way"

Candidate Services

It is indeed an honor to be considered amongst the vast options at your disposal to help you with the management of your career. For us it is absolutely and entirely about relationships and not the transaction of the moment. Career change requires a serious conversation with people equally serious about your career. Finding the next right role is, in fact, a full time job. And so, we have several important questions to help you:

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how serious are you about making a change at this point in your life?
  2. Why do you think you want to make a transition?
  3. What steps have you taken within the last 12 months to facilitate this change? (resume, job boards, recruiters, interviews)
  4. Have you taken a hard look at your accomplishments, those things of which you are most proud in your career, the reasons which really set you apart from all of those “commodity” candidates?
  5. Do you have a partnership with a headhunter who will actually help you to develop a very specific marketing plan for your career or have you simply responded to random calls from “recruiters” who are pitching the “Hot Job of the Moment?"

It is more important now than ever before to select the right search firm for you. Admittedly, the field is over crowded, because with no barrier to entry, any idiot with a telephone and a computer can claim to be a headhunter. The reality is that most of of them know nothing of what you do for a living, the environment you work in or the dynamics of your firm. Sure they might throw a few buzz words at you to impress you but if you press them you will quickly discover their knowledge is only skin deep. Or even worse, they might email your resume around town in the hope of making something happen, putting you and your family’s well being totally at risk. One thing is certain, 98% of those “Pretenders” can’t look at your resume and connect with anything you’ve done in your life to get to where you are now. We can! We care about you, about what you’ve done and most importantly, we care about what you are going to do.

Career Management

Now more than ever before managing your career is critical to achieve all of your professional goals but also an essential element to finding and maintaining a work/life balance. We’ve successfully managed the careers of some of the biggest names in your industry because they realized the benefits of a trusted adviser and confidant. Just like every professional athlete, musician and actor has taken their careers to unimaginable heights with the help of an agent, so now can you. Isn’t it time to to put your trust into the hands of someone who cares about you? We’ll probably not get you onto the red carpet but we will help advise you to select the very best opportunity and career path for you and your family.

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