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"Our organization, MedVal, recently had the privilege of working with Orbital Search for a unique talent need. We are bolstering our Regulatory Writing business and needed a talented professional. Orbital Search was the only firm that would take on the challenge and they worked with us to find the great professional we now have as a colleague. The team, led by Rick was persistent and screened managed “wannabes” away and provided some of the strongest candidates I have seen."Michael P. client

“Orbital Search is a great search firm with expert recruiters. Unlike many recruitment agencies that simply circulate CV’s, orbital builds an unparalleled understanding of the target market. They then seek out the best candidates and matches them precisely to requirements. The best search firm I have ever used…” Paul F. client

"Orbital redefines the term “search firm”. Their integrity and reliability are unmatched. They are expert in our industry and take the time to truly understand the specific needs of their clients. They take the time to not only match applicant skill sets but to also be aware of the personal “fit” between applicant and employer. I have worked with them for over 10 years and they have never sent a candidate that was not a good match for the position and the company. Without hesitation I can recommend Orbital as a true professionals in their field.” Rick B. client

“Orbital is by far the best, most methodical and detail-oriented search firm with whom I have ever worked. Instead of simply cold-calling me with the “see-what-sticks” approach, they took time to get to know my strengths and interests, and then reached out to companies that they thought would be a good fit. As a result, they were able to find me a great position with a top company in less than six weeks. If you are in need of a headhunter as either a candidate or a company, I highly recommend them.” John K. candidate

“Orbital is a terrific search firm . The fact that they specialize and understand our industry is a real positive. They personally have come to many of my organizations to get a feel for the culture, truly understand what the needs of his clients are and is results driven. I would recommend them either as a client or as a candidate.” Jeff H. client

“Orbital Search is a firm with robust experience and outstanding professional standards. They have lots of valuable information about the position to be filled and take the time to share this knowledge; in doing so, they helps his client make a decision to pursue the position or not. They are very conscientious, investing time to get to know the clients, asking the questions that will reveal whether he/she fits the company and the position. This allows them to find the right candidate to fill the open position, thereby contributing to his success and enhancing his reputation. They show a lot of integrity, always keeping their promise and honoring their commitment. They are the most personable recruiters I know.” Jaqueline L. candidate

“They found me an amazing position in 2004 I did not even know existed with a very innovative company. What impressed me most was their ability to get to know me quickly, and match that perfectly to the new company and position. I have never looked back on that career change and thank them for their insight and professionalism in making the match!” Melanie B. candidate

“Orbital Search helped with successfully placing me and a few other colleagues at our present employ. This was a challenging situation as four professional were involved with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. They understood our personalities, overcame and solved the challenges and handled the situation with professionalism and enthusiasm.” Otto R. candidate

“Bill Cebak at Orbital Search is a master recruiter who knows how high the stakes are in making excellent matches between client employers and exceptionally productive personnel. They excel in truly listening to what the client needs AND listening to what targeted seasoned pros need to ensure that the needs of both parties are carefully met. They generate results by catalyzing a great fit and remarkably productive partnership. They make both parties happy, closes the deal, and takes great pride in the matches he makes.” Terry A. candidate

“It is very hard to find headhunters that you can rely on and trust. Orbital Search Group fits both of these categories. They are people of integrity and high standards. They are experts in this field. I have worked with them twice in my career and have been more than satisfied each time. They have represented me well and I highly recommend them for anyone interested in finding a position.” Rick A. candidate

Orbital Search worked as a real partner in trying to find the right position and organization for me. They took the time to understand not only my needs for a position, but to understand the career path that I was pursuing to assure that there was the best possible opportunity for me. They were extremely professional, kind, and thoughtful throughout the process. I would absolutely work with them again and would recommend their services to my colleagues without reservation.” Min Y. – candidate

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